The vending Multishop

Necta announces the arrival of Mambo, the Impulse model that can dispense not only food, but also a large variety of other products! It takes a mere glance to appreciate just how ground breaking this machine really is: Mambo looks like a genuine multishop, capable of delivering up to 84 selections from 14 trays, and that’s exactly what it is. What’s more, Mambo can offer products of all shapes and sizes, thanks to the combination of its large drop channel and XL delivery bin. On the strength of its innovative features alone, Mambo is destined to become a benchmark machine, particularly in the category of Semi-Public Locations, which encompasses airports, hotels and other areas of major footfall, where qualities such as robustness and the variety of products on offer are winning qualities.


The greatest offer ever

Mambo benefits of two independent cells with up to 6 trays each with ETL .

With up to 84 single selections, this model has no dimension limits for the dispensed products thanks to the large chute channel (220 mm) and the large pull out delivery bin with lighting and dumper.

This Impulse dispenser manages, with one single cooling unit, up to 4 temperatures inside the cells.


User Interface

Mambo is the only Necta model with a central user interface which manages both cells and grants a perfect view of the products.

The fontal 5" video screen is capable to broadcast spots, news and nutritional facts of the selected item.

Moreover the User Interface features a display 128 x 64 px, metallic coin intro and antivandalic numeric keyboard.


Resistant, sturdy and stable

Designed for semi plublic locations, Mambo has no plastic elements on the external parts.

The delivery bin is reinforced and can resist up to 400 kg of pressure.

Products range


  • Mambo by Necta

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  • Ten Good Reasons to buy Mambo

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