Brio Touch

the digital table TOP you were looking for

Brio Touch combines the best coffee preparation technologies with the latest electronic performance. The result is simply exciting.

The end users improve their experience with a wide selection of high-quality beverages, a secure smartphone selection and payment process.
Operators can count on a new machine with reliable technology, able to offer digital solutions such as full HD touch screen, integrated connectivity that allows to manage the machine remotely.

Brio Touch opens up new business opportunities: browsing through product categories allows you to create personalized menus and promotions and offer upselling Snack & Food products. Thanks to its elegant design and its small footprint, this model overcomes the traditional boundaries of vending locations.

Brio Touch: fully new, fully digital, fully Brio.

Brio Touch Electronics

Fully Digital

High performance CPU board with embedded connectivity

Industrial full HD touch-screen

Innovative software programming

Telemetry and remote management

Hi&Breasy (selection and payment App)


Reliable and Safe technology

• Z4000 espresso brewer which grants reliability and ease of use

• Self adjusting blades as an option

2 4 V DC motors: variable speed for powder dosers and mixing bows

• Lead-free hydraulic circuit ( Stainless steel 500 cc boiler, plastic pump and solenoid valves, plastic/stainless steel connections)

• A wider choice of drinks thanks to the additional canister 


Products range


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