Canto Touch

Canto Touch: sensory pleasure.

Canto Touch is at the top of the Vending sector for its drink quality, innovative touch screen interface and advanced personalised functions. Thanks to a vast range of pre-selections, your clients can choose the drink that best suits their taste. With the DUAL CUP device they can even choose the cup in which to drink it. Just like high street coffees.

The harmonious and modern design features an eye-catching interface, intuitive and user-friendly. It has great visual impact through the use of emotional images and warmth of colour, inspired by the smooth pleasure of the drinks.


Patented technologies for a perfect drink

Possibility to have cups with two different capacities according to the selected drink.

Z4000 coffe unit - in double espresso version and Necta instant technology at your service.

Highly customizable drinks menu: up to 56 selections.


Touch the difference

Selection area with wide touch screen - 21.5", full HD.

Elegant and easy starting screen that allows customization.

Displayed menu with big product icons customizable and possibility to feature spots and to entertain the end user.

Drink or product nutritional facts always available.

Products range