A combination of design and performance

With its dimensions optimizing space in small to medium locations, the Concerto offers an ideal freestanding beverage solution. A reduction in size doesn’t mean limited choice either: the elegant Concerto delivers a large selection of quality hot and cold options to suit every taste. These units notably feature Z4000 espresso and double espresso technology alongside sturdy Italian craftsmanship ensuring the Concerto a role as a benchmark product within the vending industry for some years to come.


Design & User Interface

Elegant black/silver aesthetics coloured by two eye-catching panels lit by LED.

Capacitive selection panel surrounded by a chrome plated frame.

Possibility to install up to three payment systems in the payment area.

Designed to coordinate with Melodia range.


The best technologies for the perfect drink

Concerto offers perfect espresso based drinks thanks to the Z4000 patented coffee brewer (single or double). The quality of the dispensed products remains always excellent thanks to the self-adjusting blades of the grinder and to the presence of variable speed mixers with variable speed.

Moreover, some of Concerto models feature Multicup, revolutionary new cup dispensing system. The system is equipped with 5 different rotating columns that allow dispensing in up to 5 cup formats (different sizes, plus materials and graphics). The turrets are compatible with compostable and more eco-sustainable products – an excellent lever to conquer the locations in which environmental issues are seen as a priority.


Electronics & Maintenance

Large graphical display 188 x 64 pixel.

Master Slave connection with S&F Melodia range.

Easy management of the machine set up and drinks menu through GIGA.

Easy and quick cleaning of the delivery area grid.

Products range


  • Concerto & Melodia in location

    In location product image
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  • Concerto 3D

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  • Concerto Brochure

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  • Concerto Front

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