Maestro, a button for every taste

Elegant, with external profiles in the black anodized aluminum, black door, dark gray cabinet, and wide panel: this is Maestro, the dispenser that completes Necta's offer for the most demanding locations. 

Perfect performance, large selection and high quality of beverages: here are the distinctive features of this model. 

From a state-of-art tea infusion to a creamy coffee espresso, the consumers will have up to 22 choices that allow them to select the product most suitable to their needs and taste. 

With Maestro, you have all the quality and variety you desire, one bottom away. 

Maestro key feature 1

Patented technologies for state-of-art beverages

Maestro provides the best technologies for the preparation of your hot beverages: the Z4000 patent and Necta's instant system. Two coffee hoppers give you the possibility of choosing a variety of blends and aromas, while the dual cup system allow you to enjoy your coffee in the most suitable cup to enhance the aroma. 

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