PPE Vending machines

Solutions for safety

The pandemic outbreak of Covid-19 is the greatest challenge that our world is facing.

Companies have to adapt their safety standards in order to protect their workers and to avoid the possible spreading of the disease in workplaces.

It is a great change that implies many efforts. Necta, as worldleading brand for vending machines, has a reliable solution to manage this emergency, which benefits from decades of experience in the vending world.

We offer a range of models capable to dispense the primary personal protective equipment, PPE, inside the work area 24/7, 365 days per year. 


Availability 24/7

PPE Vending Machines can be sited in convenient locations throughout the workplace, providing 24/7 access to personal protection equipment.

The 24/7 option grants the dispensing at any time, with no previous planning avoids people  gathering whilst waiting to use the vending machine.

With the programmable option the dispensers can be used only during specific time slots, defined by the company.

Consumption control

Every PPE Vending Machine can be fitted with Hi! card reader.

Employees access PPE with a unique card (which may correspond  to the entrance badge).

To get a product the card is presented onto the reader, located on the front panel. When a selection is made the card reader records the vending machine number, time and date, employee reference and PPE dispensed.

The consumption data of each employee is retrievable and can be stored or uploaded to the company ERP.

For more information concerning the dispensing through personal numeric code, please get in touch with us by filling in the contact form.


Customization and Assistance

Easy to be operated and maintained, the vendors can be customised according to the specific size of the packaging to be dispensed and to the company's request.

PPE Vending machines are easy to use and fill.

Necta’s skilled technicians will provide you with the installation of the machines and a training on site in order to allow the company to refill the machine with the PPE material and manage the datas.

The capillar presence of Evoca offices and agencies throughout Europe, allows immediate intervention in case of need.

Products range


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