Unlimited possibilities for all tastes.

Soprano is the brand new model that completes the renewal of Necta Impulse range.

With its shiny, frameless and uncluttered design, Soprano will attract even the most demanding end user, who will enjoy an unparalleled product offer and capacity.

The seven trays, featuring up to 10 single selections each, offer an optimized configuration; the extremely flexible layout, paired with and a market-leading energy efficiency class, represents the ideal solution for semi-public location.

max capacity

Maximum capacity and flexibility

Up to 7 easily repositionable trays in the cell.

Eash tray features the possibility of installing ETL or price rolls.

More space between tray and window door: the dispensing of bulky items or non-standard packaging, such as ready meals or salads, is easy and safe.

Enhanced opening for the delivery bin.



Design and User interface

Soprano features a shiny frameless design, elegant and technological.
Capacitive keyboard and large 4.3” TFT display capable of showing nutritional data, ads, and videos.
White interior of the cell, illuminated by LED light for maximum visibility of the displayed product.
Pull-out delivery bin with a unique and original design.

energy efficiency

Electronics and energy consumption

Soprano has achieved Class C of the EU 50597 protocol.
Highly efficient cooling unit with R290 technology.
Foam-insulated cabinet for perfect insulation.
Electronics compatible with Newis solutions (Hi! Breasy, in App selection).

Products range


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