Vivace SL

Your best partner for a greener Vending

Vivace SL  is one of the most interesting solutions if your are looking for a slave model with excellent energy efficiency and performance.

This new model is dedicated to the small and medium locations, offering technological solutions typical of the high-end products of our range. It can be paired with Concerto or Concerto Touch in order to offer a complete bank with a reduced footprint.

Energy efficiency, dark grey uncluttered design and advanced performance: these are the strengths of this new model. Let’s look at them specifically.

Energy Saving

Small in dimensions, great in efficiency

Vivace SL, as the rest of the new the Impulse range, features many environmental friendly features such as:

  • compressor and evaporator with compact dimensions, which allow to reduce the pull down time inside the cell, -30% compared to other Necta models
  • the extremely efficient foaming insulation of the cabinet, which avoids any thermal bridge from the cell to the outside
  • the new cooling unit with R290 technology with low environmental GWP and high energy efficiency
  • new insulation technology for the window frame with a core of PVC and the external in aluminium
  • Enhanced insulation of the delivery bin

Vivace SL has reached the C class according to the EN 50597 protocol.

Up to -70% energy consumption compared with older Impulse models


Enhanced performances and innovation

  • Simplified vertical reconfigurability (V-FLEX),
  • Possibility of distributing ready- to-go meals, salads and fresh food products,
  • Optimized products’ visibility (+ 35% brightness),
  • Bulky area and enhanced delivery bin opening
  • 100% food or stratified three temperatures layout
  • Ambient layout available on demand

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