Brio Touch: fully new, fully digital, fully Brio

Necta launches  Brio Touch - the new, fully digital version of its famous tabletop coffee machine - with a new look. Brio Touch combines the best coffee preparation technologies with the latest electronic performance and the results are really exciting. 

The end user experience is improved thanks to Brio Touch’s wide selection of high-quality beverages; its secure, simple smartphone selection and its streamlined payment process. Operators can count on a new, high-performing machine with reliable technology, which offers advanced digital solutions and innovation. For example, Brio Touch boasts a 13.3 inch fully HD touch screen, plus integrated connectivity that facilitates the remote management of the machine, thanks to bespoke digital solutions from Newis.

This new, Necta machine conforms to the Disposable Plastics Directive and is served by a lead-free water circuit Moreover, to ensure optimum hygiene and safety during the selection process, the entire touch screen can be covered with a PureZone anti-microbial membrane. Used in conjunction with the optional automatic dispenser, contact with the machine is not required.

Thanks to its elegant design and its small footprint, Brio Touch overcomes the traditional boundaries of vending locations and makes possible its use in alternative locations, such as salons, garages; workshops, boulangeries and minimarkets - opening a whole world of new possibilities.

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