Mambo, Vending's Multishop is open for business!

Necta is proud to announce the arrival of Mambo, a brand-new vending machine that can dispense not only food, but also a large variety of other products!

It takes a mere glance to appreciate just how ground breaking this machine really is: Mambo looks like a genuine MultiShop, capable of delivering up to 84 selections from 14 trays, and that’s exactly what it is. What’s more, Mambo can offer products of all shapes and sizes, thanks to the combination of its large drop channel and XL delivery bin.

Mambo’s presentation is impressive and eye-catching, with its double-fronted shop windows set around a centrally-sited interface. Mambo has been specially designed to differentiate its offer and easily define the configurations of the two cells: the flexible temperature management that’s built into the machine allows you to control up to 4 separate zones...

Mambo offers consumers the convenience of an automatic canteen plus a MultiShop capable of dispensing virtually anything - not just food!

Use Mambo to offer people everything they may need in a hurry; from a snack to a complete meal, from a toothbrush to a travel accessory; a phone charger, a set of earphones... And thanks to the two windows, it's all there, on view - within reach of the impulse purchaser.

Mambo also offers vending operators new communication opportunities. They can use the HD video screen to relay entertainment, whilst promotional and nutritional information can be shown in rotation. Mambo is equipped with ETL (Electronic Tray Labelling) too, an innovation that provides multiple marketing opportunities.

You can find out all about ETL here.
Last, (but not least!), in Mambo, we’ve minimized maintenance costs and we’ve included connectivity features to facilitate remote management.

On the strength of its innovative features alone, Mambo is destined to become a benchmark machine, particularly in the category of Semi-Public Locations, which encompasses airports, hotels and other areas of major footfall, where qualities such as robustness and the variety of products on offer are winning qualities.

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