Necta presents Multicup, the revolutionary new cup dispensing system

Imagine a vending machine that offers the user a truly premium experience, with the drink always served in the appropriate container, from the espresso cup to the paper cup for cappuccino.

This is exactly what happens with Multicup, the innovative solution just launched by Necta.

How does Multicup work? The system, already available for Opera and Concerto vending machines, is equipped with 5 different rotating columns that allow dispensing in up to 5 formats. Thanks to the ability to dispense drinks of different sizes, plus materials and graphics, operators can now set the cup-drink combination for each individual selection.

The result is an increase in quality and a significant improvement in the customer experience.

In addition to improving the presentation of the product in the cup, Multicup offers the opportunity to dispense extra large drinks and the increased capacity of the single column, reduces the frequency of re-filling the machine.

In addition, the turret is compatible with compostable and more eco-sustainable products – an excellent lever to conquer the locations in which environmental issues are seen as a priority.

The Vending market today is increasingly complex and competitive: operators need new methods to increase their sales and to diversify their offer, bringing it more in line with the expectations of consumers, who demand a better user experience.

Multicup responds to everyone’s needs, because it increases the quality perceived by the customer and allows operators to compete with other players in the sector, such as coffee shops.


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