Necta presents the new Pure Zone kit, a practical and immediately effective solution which will make your break moments even safer.

The adhesive film can be applied on capacitive keyboards and touch screens of most Necta models. Thanks to its  specific composition with silver ions, the antimicrobial film can destroy the dangerous bacteria and viruses on machine’s surfaces and makes them safe 24/7.

Pure Zone by Necta is easy to apply to your machines, it is perfectly waterproof and it is compatible with all cleaning protocols, and can resist to major cleaning and sanitization products.
Its antimicrobial effectiveness lasts 5 years from application.

You can use this kit with following Necta models: Kalea, Kalea Plus, Krea Prime, Krea Touch, Brio Up, Concerto, Concerto Touch, Opera, Opera Touch, Maestro Touch, Melodia, Tango, Swing, Orchestra Touch.

The kit is available from our local agents/dealers or on Evoca e-commerce platform.

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