Necta’s Impulse range guarantees an excellent break that’s safe and environmentally friendly

Necta Impulse range complies with new European legislation which, as of January 1, 2022, banned refrigeration equipment that uses HFC gas, which is extremely harmful to the environment.

Necta's new range of Impulse dispensers is equipped with refrigeration units that use R290 gas technology, an environmentally friendly natural gas. This technology enables drastic reductions in energy consumption of up to 70 percent - compared to previous Necta models, - and consequently, further guaranteed and quantifiable savings. Thanks to their sustainable performance, our dispensers have achieved ‘Class C’ accreditation, the best attainable level in vending. (According to the European standard EN50597).

R290 gas is a class A3 gas and, therefore, potentially flammable. However, it is already used safely in the domestic sector, in equipment such as refrigerators and air conditioners. In Necta machines, it is present in minimal quantities inside the refrigeration unit and does not compromise the overall safety of the machine.

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