Swing, class-leading energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact

SWING is equipped with a cooling unit with the benefits of R290. R290 is a natural gas that is commonly used in commercial and domestic refrigeration, such as air conditioners and refrigerators. R290 gas has substantial cooling power, which helps to reduce the energy consumption of the machine. Thanks to the use of this gas, combined with the perfect thermal insulation of the cell, SWING delivers energy savings of up to 70%, compared to previous models the new Necta and it has achieved Class C, making it the most energy-efficient machine in its class.

The contribution of R290 gas to global warming, (according to the GWP indicator) and its impact on the ozone layer, (according to the ODP indicator) are negligible when compared to previous technologies.

The new R290 cooling unit will be installed on the forthcoming Necta TWIST and VIVACE machines, which will be launched in the coming months to meet the changing requirements of the ‘six-spiral’ market segment.

Would you like to learn more about this new technology? Download here our Q&A document about R290 gas.

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