Covid-19 emergency: Use Necta vending machines to dispense PPE devices

Necta, the world's leading vending machines brand, has developed a simple and reliable solution to help companies improve their safety standards to meet the demands of the pandemic.

The idea is as simple as it is effective: to offer vending systems for the distribution of masks and other PPE equipment at strategic locations in the workplace.

Our Melodia, Jazz, Tango and Orchestra distributors can distribute PPE safely and efficiently. Easy to use and maintain, our machines can be customized to accommodate the specific dimensions of the package to be dispensed.

On board software guarantees that each employee receives the required PPE. It also keeps track of deliveries and consumption , so you can rest assured that PPE has been delivered effectively and that waste has been avoided.

Necta technicians will assist companies to install and programme their distributors, to put them into service without delay.

Once the Covid-19 crisis ends, the machines can be converted to dispense a variety of PPE, equipment or consumables so companies can continue to monitor usage.

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