The new European Energy label for Impulse dispenser.

Since 1 March 2021, the European Union has introduced a new and simplified energy label, valid in all member countries. This new feature covers a wide range of products including, for the first time, vending machines for snacks and drinks.
European legislation on energy labelling aims to improve the efficiency of products, which will be eventually sold in the European market. Energy labels provide a simple and clear indication of the efficiency level and other product key information.
For all the categories of products which were already measured with the previous system, the new energy classification provides for a scale ranging from A to G, instead of the classifications from A+++ to D.

An example: a product with efficiency class A+++ will be placed in class B or C, without this meaning a worse performance in terms of energy consumption. Few products will initially be in class A, thus encouraging manufacturers to develop more efficient models in order to reach this category with new models
Consumers will be able to immediately and clearly distinguish among the more or the worse efficient products. At the same time, this will push manufacturers to further invest in research and innovation in energy efficiency field.

For Snack and Beverage vending machines the new energy classification (new scale and new parameters) replaces the energy measurement protocol defined by the European Vending Association, EVA EMP 3.1.

All products requiring energy labels must be registered in the EPREL database before they can be sold on the European Union market. The database and the information gathered on the website can be accessed scanning the QR code on all the new labels.

Necta, a brand which has always been concerned about the improvement of energy performance and the development of products with a reduced environmental impact, is ready to take up this new challenge and offer you new products, more environmentally friendly.
For more detailed information, see the official European Vending Association document here

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